Vehicle Graphics go the Extra Mile – And Help Restore a Teenager’s Health!

When a family in desperate need of a kidney for their teenage daughter sought help from the community, Signs By Tomorrow – Westminster was thrilled to assist… and positively ecstatic to succeed!

The story begins 10 years ago when Jillian LaPlante was diagnosed at age five with an autoimmune disease that attacked both kidneys. Several years of dialysis followed before she received a transplanted kidney from a young girl who died in a traffic accident. “After that, I was just like any normal kid,” Jillian said.

But eight years later at age 15, Jillian’s body rejected the initial transplant, and a new series of dialysis treatments was needed. Now campaigning for a living donor, her odds were slim. Doctors said Jillian had but a 2 percent chance of finding a match, so help was needed in her quest find that proverbial needle in a haystack.

LaPlante family friend Jill Wyss had an unconventional idea for publicizing the teenager’s need, and she enlisted the aid of Signs By Tomorrow – Westminster, Colorado. Working together, they produced a 3-foot by 10-foot banner, 350 bumper sticker graphics and over 50 door-side magnetic signs for vehicles. All signs featured Jillian’s photo, phone number and this simple but powerful appeal, “Teen Needs Kidney, Type O Blood.”

The use of vehicle graphics in publicizing the teenager’s need for a kidney was not as far-fetched as many might think. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, a single vehicle wrap can garner between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day. There’s no shortage of potential viewers; the average American has traveled over 300 miles by road in the past seven days. What’s more, there’s no “off” button as with many other forms of advertising; vehicle graphics carry their promotional appeals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Another measure of the effectiveness of vehicle graphics? Jillian LaPlante’s restored health!

Responding to the bumper sticker’s appeal, Chrissie Smith of nearby Highlands Ranch, Colorado, stepped forward. The mother of four boys and a perfect match as a donor to Jillian, Chrissie’s kidney was successfully transplanted to the teen in April 2016, and today Jillian has resumed her active, dialysis-free life.

While the credit for the kidney donation goes to Chrissie Smith and the surgical staffs at the University of Colorado Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado, Signs By Tomorrow – Westminster was elated to put the wheels in motion with vehicle graphics!

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